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Every band worth it’s salt has a history. Here is the history of McFluff if you would like to reed abowt this, yez.


Well here I am, vocalist extraordinaire of McFluff. I spent many years practising by the backdoor to my house before I reached the standard that I am at now.



















And here is Pūnkass, he can turn his hand to any instrument, he is a musical genius mm. He was the first to offer his services for project McFluff, I was very relieved, I thought replies would flood in, but no, fate was only having it that the 5 of us would partake.
















Casey Metal Mistress plays the Fender Fishbone – what a wonderful guitar player she is, she really makes that fishy scream, mm. Casey joined the band, last but not least - we hadn't planned on having a guitarist but seems as though she was my best friend and plays so well, well how could I resist offering her a place amongst us. 













Spoonie, it goes without saying – though I shall say it, plays the heavy metal spoons. They are very heavy, so this is no mean feat at all and much muscular power is needed to even lift them let alone get a tune out of them – we feel that they add the je ne sais quoi element to our music, mm. 



And on the Bongo’s, here is Ellie M and she holds it all together for us with her paw bashing. She is Spoonie’s partner, they are both quiet creative types, very focused in their musical talents and we respect their privacy, so shhh I shan’t say anymore, no.


And last but not least here are the fabulous gospel hamsters, Smidget, Kissey-Face and Phooey. What wonderful sounds they made with their beautiful squeakings on the backing to Ode to Pūnkass. We are all very restrained when they are around. This is a side-line for them – they have so busy with many of their own adventures, so we were very lucky indeed to have them with us. 


Well here we are on the tour bus travelling through Wales on our summer tour. Our driver Jake from Jakebabus taxi’s did a marvellous job, knowing the area well he was able to give us all the information that we could ever want about our whereabouts. It was a smashing tour, we stopped off here and there to sing our ditty’s and what memories we have from that tour bus. One night I got so drunk on milkweiser and blasted on the cat nip that I poohed under one of the seat’s in all my excitement. Everyone was so well away themselves that they didn’t notice and I quite forgot myself, until the next morning when Pūnkass out his foot in it. Oops. Another time I was being a dare-devil hanging out of the window of the bus and Pūnkass tickled me and with the shock I fell out of the window! The bus was going very slowly so I just slid down the outside of the window, but Pūnkass won’t be doing that again in a hurry, oh he was so sorry and the look on his face that his joke had gone awry, that I quite fell about giggling myself!  One time Casey decided she wanted to drive the bus, so Jake let her and we ended up in a ditch, with all of including the hamsters having to heave-ho the coach out of it again until off we went on our merry way once more.



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Thanks to Lee and all of Pūnkass and Ellie's friends for their inspiration!

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