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Yes, thank you, this is the website of the Ellie Bellie and my boyfriend Pūnkass, mm and here you can share our adventures with us. We are two kitty kats as you might be able to see from our picture, if you have suffishent nouse. I am from the UK and Pūnkass is from America, it’s troo. We conduct our internet affairs via e-mails and astral travellings to be together under the cheese and bacon tree, oh yez.  


If you can want to know a little more about our background, breeding, hobbies and all that malarkey then check out our about us  page.  

We have a fake punk rock band called McFluff.  Perhaps you’d like to buy some of our McFluff merchandise? Well you can’t I’m afraid, but you can look at it here if you would like to dream on, dreams are good to have but remember they’re not always fulfilled and disappointments in life can be a good learning curve for you. And there is also a lovely free gift for you on that page, mm..


Here are some of our shenanigans that we have shared together with some of our friends, we live a full life, gadding about here and there, yez. And you can now also send a free Ellie and Pūnkass e-card!

I have concocted some fabulous recipes in my time, so you may want to try your hand or paw at one of these, and coming soon to that page is my latest recipe development Tuna surprise, yum.

Perhaps you have enjoyed your visit here time and again and it has brought so much light to your life that you are anxious to express this comment on our guestmap?   you can post your flag on there to show us where in the world you are, that would be nice or maybe you'd just like to  e-mail us. Please keep it pleasant as any rude comments will of course be karmically dealt with as opposed to dignifying you with a personal response, thank you so much, yez.



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Dear Ellie

I will be dishing out advice in order to help sort out the lives of the less fortunate amongst us who haven't the gumption to do so themselves.  If you are one of those in dire need then please e-mail me at Dear Ellie

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